About Us


My name is Leasha Holmstrom!

I’m the owner & founder of Harlow and Sage Co. located in Northwest Arkansas. I’m a stay-at-home mom to 2 amazing little boys ( 4 years old and 3 months old). In the beginning of motherhood I really struggled with finding “me time” or what that even looked like now that I had a little human to take care of! I’ve always been super crafty but I put that on the back burner once I had my little guy... in June 2020 during the crazy pandemic I decided I needed to do something for me! I use art to destress and practice self love.  I’ve always loved the way jewelry made me feel when I wore it and I wanted to help others feel the same way! To feel beautiful is such a special thing and with all the superficial imagery that we have to fight on a daily basis.. feeling beautiful is so important. It’s so gratifying to create a unique, finished product out of a block of clay or out of a bundle of cord. And even more-so when the pieces I’ve designed, cut, baked, sanded, buffed, and put together by hand are then adorned on the ears of people who love beautiful things just as much as I do! We all need self love and I feel like jewelry is an extension of that!