Caring For Your Earrings


Be sure to store your earrings in a safe place where they will not be crushed, scratched, broken, or exposed to high heat. Avoid dropping them or storing them in things like purses and pockets. Put on your earrings after all hairspray, perfume and makeup has been applied.


Although your Harlow and Sage Co. clay earrings are water resistant, I recommend removing them when showering and/or swimming. This helps to prevent damaging or discoloring the polymer clay, leather or cords. Water exposure may also lead to the metal hardware on your earrings to tarnish.


If they get dirty, gently clean with a baby wipe, makeup wipe, a tiny bit of acetone with a cotton ball, or soap and water.


Following these simple recommendations will allow you to wear and enjoy your handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Harlow and Sage Co. earrings for as long as possible!


Caring for your coasters, trays, and dishes


To make your coasters last as long as possible..its recommended to reseal them every six months! We recommend using Clark's Stone & Concrete wax! (follow the directions on the container)


While the wax will help repel water..its recommended to not let water just sit on top of your coasters for a long period of time. They can be used daily but make sure when they're done being used that condensation/liquid isnt just sitting on top of the coaster (think of it as the same as a wooden table!)

Handle with care

Our coasters, trays, and dishes can take a lot but they're not meant to be dropped or banged around. Chipping or breakage can happen if they're dropped or banged up again another surface.


Caring for your Silk Screen

After Use

Your silk screen MUST be cleaned Immediately after you pull them off of your project. Letting the paint dry on your silk screen will result in ruining your screen and you wont be able to use them again. We recommend having a bowl of cold water next to you so when you pull your silk screen off you can immediately submerge it in the water and wash the paint off. Once the paint is removed you can place the silk screen between two paper towels and gently pat your screen dry.